Drawn To You – Zlata Shine

Sexy blonde Zlata Shine poses provocatively for Lando Ryder, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Drawn To You” begins. She pulls down her dress to expose her beautiful breasts and caresses them sensuously, teasing Lando until he can’t resist touching her any longer. He kisses Zlata passionately and sucks her nipples; she responds by unzipping his pants and wrapping her lips around his rigid cock for an enthusiastic blowjob. Bobbing her head, Zlata sucks and licks avidly, her cheeks hollowing and her eyes shining seductively, and then presses her soft breasts around Lando’s thick shaft for an intense titfuck. Landon repays the favor by lifting Zlata onto the kitchen counter and eating her pussy, adding his fingers to give her a rapid orgasm. She gasps with pleasure as he penetrates her, thrusting vigorously as she strums her clit until she’s overwhelmed by her climax. Zlata bends over the counter to get drilled from behind, her moans mingling with the slapping of skin on skin. She orgasms again as Lando fills her with cum that drips out while they kiss breathlessly.