Melanie & Raina (The “I’m Going To Lick Your Vagina Gaze”) – ExploitedCollegeGirls

Holy Mother Fucker of all things good because today we’ve brought back to the ExCoGi lair an all you can eat sex banquet of Melanie Marie, who’s already a new fan favorite I might add, and this strawberry shortcake lost her pornginity just a few short weeks ago here on this exact bed. And if you’re paying attention you also might have noticed there’s another absolutely gorgeous gift from the heavens accompanying her, a vision with dimples that’s making her debut today and her name is Raina Rae, and there’s just something special about these two. For one, they’re two of the hottest girls we’ve had here lately and since we haven’t had a Boy/Girl/Girl threesome in like forever, March 17, 2022 to be exact and we are way past due for some hot girl on girl power action. So as we probe our hotties for the ins and outs of their sexual experiences with guys, girls and groups, Mr. Black Shirt pulled the ultimate power move and told the girls to take off their tops at (7:34) since girls just love to be told what to do, revealing what spectacular boobs both of these girls are sporting. Oh and if I didn’t mention this already, today’s another first for Raina to check off her to-do list because it’s her first ever threesome. . . EVER!!!