Kitty (Good Kitty, Bad Girl) – BackroomCastingCouch

21 year old short haired, blue eyed Kitty showed up with a little bit of an “alternative” look to her, but you know these youngins are these days. Kitty doesn’t quite know which way she wants to go in life, and that’s what youth is for right? She seems to think the adult industry will be fun, so here she is. She’s a very nice girl – pretty and petite. Rick gets through the interview lickity split, and before she knows it we’re putting her to the porno test. She’s certainly a bit of a submissive type. I really love the way she slurps on my cock as I have a handful of that short black hair. Next, we get right into it, not giving her too much time to think about what’s going on. Her pussy really is a lovely treat. She does some reverse and regular riding for me, I put her in missionary and really get nice and deep in them guts, and she’s just loving it. We move back over to the desk and while she’s in the chair I give that pussy a big ol’ sloppy creampie, which she slurps right up. Back on the couch she goes and then gets a plan-b, because she doesn’t wanna know what plan-C is haha. Once we make sure she’s not gonna get preggo, she finds out this was all just an audition and we’ll try to get her paid in a couple weeks, and I imagine there’s still some of my cum dripping as she gets dressed and goes out the door.