Canadian MILF Emily Jade Too Late into Her Porn Career or Nah

Emily is a cute Canadian girl and she has a family with a husband. That does not stop her from finally making her dream come true, being a porn star. This is a perfect demonstration of pursuing your dream and stay persistent. She has a family and is already 25 years old. For many porn girls, 25 is at the age of retiring if they started their porn career when they are 18 years old. Emily does not buy all that shits. She had the dream to become a porn star and she brought it up with her husband. With great communication between the husband and wife, the couple decided to support Emily’s porn career together! Her husband actually dropped her off at my hotel for the shoot. This is her very first couple of shoots. How do you think she did? Do you think Emily is too late into her porn career or nah? Some says it’s never too late. Do you agree with that? My view is always at least try then you at least won’t be regret that you never try. Sometime in life you just need to at least try.