There Are No Wrong Pussies – Coco Lovelock & Haley Spades

Coco and Haley are having a sleepover, and Haley’s awkward stepbrother Elias keeps trying to be around them. The girls start teasing him by gulping down a glass of milk in very hot ways. Later, they realize that they also made each other horny while teasing him, so they decide to fool around with each other. They dont suspect that the horny boy is actually spying on them while they play together. Suddenly, the girls realize his presence and start an argument. Haley then discovers that her stepbrother and Coco have already had sex before, so she gives them permission to fuck each other just this once. However, Elias ends up accidentally fucking his own stepsister, so Coco helps them feel less awkward and leaves them alone for a hot sex session.