Tomomi Motozawa does some role play in the uniform club

Tomomi Motozawa is back in the role play at the uniform club. This is a unique club in Tokyo where the patrons ask that the workers there dress in a uniform that they have chosen. They are also asked to act out the part of as the person who wears that uniform. Tomomi has been working for this club for a short time and in that time she seems to get the request for her to wear a uniform that a sch00l girl would wear. She has gotten good at pretending to be that age again and as if she were that young girl just learning about her own body and how to use it to excite men. She is not a shy girl and this role as a sch00l girl has her acting like she is. It is exciting for her and she enjoys the challenge it presents. Today her client has not only asked for her to wear the uniform but to also act out a specific act. He wants to be the teacher and it is after school. She has been called in for an infraction and he must talk to her about it. He has decided that she is going to tell him everything or he is going to get it out of her, sexually. She is asked to resist his advances and pretend in this scenario that as her old teacher. This client gets off on the power play and dominance he can exhibit and seeing her in a 5tudent’s uniform will get him off.