Girl #715 (Oh Boy! Amber Alert!) – Exploited College Girls

“Oh man this is a little nerve racking,” is what Tyler said when he was pealing off the panties of today’s hottie and for good reason because we checked, double checked, and triple checked this girls IDs and then we checked them a dozen more times to make sure she’s legally able to do this. And yes, this girl may look super young and is the perfect… just graduated high school, ex- cheerleader type who’s super horny and sexual but hasn’t had anyone give it to her good yet type. Did I say she looks young? Well if you’re into the “I just entered her teens,” super juvenile look, and who also has adorable dark freckles and should be skipping her way to the ice cream shop, then this behemoth of a video will satisfy your darkest fantasies. And when I say this girl has the youth and innocent look down pat, I’m not saying she can play the role. This girl is the youth of our nation and is the quintessential innocent daughter next-door who’s only just discovered what a vibrating device can do to a quivering youngling’s clit. Orgasms? Yea she’s given herself plenty from the tender touch of her fingers, and one once from a nameless frat boy she explained during her interview. Don’t fast forward or you’ll miss a lot. So are mucho and long earth shattering sex sessions a part of this girls daily romps with the handful of guys she’s allowed the privilege to penetrate her tender girly lips and enter her you ask? Nada. Her past sexual encounters consist of 3 pump wonders and less than a handful of five-minute quickies, but there is that one infamous frat boy that could make her cum from intercourse… once she clarified.