The Little Anal Whore – Summer Vixen

When you started dating Summer’s mother, you knew something was off — and it was more than Summer’s obvious hatred for her mom. She even introduced Summer to you as “this is my crazy daughter”! Since then, Summer’s been eye-fucking you. Every. Single. Day. Summer would do it even when mom was in the same room! That’s when you realized it was just a matter of time. So when Summer’s mom is away on business, you know where you’re gonna wind? In her bedroom! That’s when Summer asks, “do you wanna see my little fucking cunt?” then pulls her sopping wet panties to the side! How about the butt plug jammed up her other hole!! It’s ON! And when it’s time for Summer to finish the job, she actually says — “Let’s play a little game! What hole is Daddy gonna cum in today?” Which one would you choose? Mouth? Pink? Or stink?!? Comment below!!