Left In The Rain – Sawyer Cassidy

Sawyer Cassidy was walking through the streets of Miami when a white van stopped next to her. The guys were offering her a ride, they were offering money but she kept resisting. But somehow they looked like fun. Sawyer was on vacation from California and vacations are for fucking and fun. Money to show her panties, money to show her tits. She knew where this was leading to. In no time she was on the bus. In no time she was naked. To not waste too much time she asked to see Peter Green’s dick. It was big. It melted in her hand. It melted in her mouth. They fucked. She loved it. They fucked a lot more. Peter came in her face. What a perfect vacation. Except it was pouring outside. They were in the middle of nowhere. They kicked her out of the bus, drove off. She could hear them laugh in the distance.