Silky Touch – Lana Lenani

Gorgeous brunette Lana Lenani strides into the bedroom, wearing black lingerie and stockings. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Silky Touch” begins, the dominant beauty kisses Nek Sinner passionately and grinds her pussy on his face, then strokes his erection between her gloved hands before taking it in her mouth for a sensual blowjob. Straddling her lover, Lana impales herself on his stiff cock, gazing into his eyes as she rides him hard enough to make the bedsprings creak. Nek flips Lana onto her back and eats her pussy some more, then penetrates her again in missionary, thrusting vigorously. They switch to spoons, slamming together until they’re both overwhelmed by a mutual orgasm.