Agatha Delicious vs Lady Lazarus

Agatha Delicious has been converted into a perverted MILF after last season. It’s now rookie hunting season for the vets. They worked their asses off for the fall brawl tournament and now they get to try out new skills on rookies. Today, Agatha gets her hands on the scrappy, Lady Lazarus. Lady has no wrestling experience but she’s a fighter. She’s scrappy and she is horny which can be a dangerous combination on the sex fighting mats. Agatha loves playing with new toys and she loves dominating. You can see the smile Agatha gets when ever she gains control. you can really tell she loves being in control. But Laz doesn’t like being controlled and she’s going to do what ever it takes to make Agatha cum. This round goes the distance. The winner tosses the loser around like a rag doll after fucking her holes and having her way with her.